I don’t want to keep on crying
And ask myself “what are you doing?
And why do you keep on hurting
Me?” Because I can’t fight back

And you won’t even bring them back
Because of you they lashed
Out and left me with thousands of questions
God, why are doing this to me?
Why do I have to go through these things?

Do you feel happy when you see my sorrows?
First, you took my dad from me
When he had planned my tomorrow
Now, my life is dark and I can’t see
The future in front of me

And to you, dad, wherever you are
Please know that your words are still playing in my mind
That I have to build you a big house near your kraal
When I finish school and start working
But for now, please know that I’m still blind

Because my life is still in the eyes of the world like a rally
But I can vow to you that I will still push
And I will do all in my power to find a way
To fulfil the promise I made

But Lord, what wrong have I really done
You didn’t only take dad, but also my mom
And my cousin, and now I can’t even call
Them because they are no longer with me physically
But spiritually, they still with me after all

Tell them that I miss
Them and please deliver my kiss
To them and tell them that I miss them
Even though I’m heartbroken
Because you took all my joy

And now I see that I’m talking to myself because you avoid
Me and I need someone to touch
Me and make me not miss them this much
Heaven, hear me out, please
Before my heart catches flu and freezes