I used to wish for the love of Romeo and Juliet,
When my heart used to be lonely,
Like a desert abandoned by trees.

I used to cry sadly,
When my sweet words were denied,
As if I was struck by lightning,
During the rainy season.

Girls like you used to be like rose flowers,
That my heart admired,
Your beauty,
Is like stars at night.

My life used to pray harder for a lover,
That could water my heart,
To grow like a blue gum tree.

Now, your life has landed in my life,
Like football players at a World Cup match,
My life is happily hooked up in your life,
For you are now my life support machine.

Every negative word,
That people used to throw at me,
Has now vanished like autumn leaves,
For your love is now the owner of my castle
Your presence in my life has spiced up my heart like a pizza
Your presence has sweetened up my life like a chocolate cake.

Bitterness is no longer my mentor,
For your love is now the preacher of my life,
As my tongue tries to lick the shackles of loneliness.