I fell in love with you the first day we met
You stole my heart and turned my world around
Whenever I see you my heart skips a beat

Your skin is dark and soft like melted chocolate
When your eyes gaze into mine I become shy
When you touch me I lose control
I cannot explain the feeling
When someone asks me about you
I blush for no reason

Whenever I am with you
I forget about everything
And focus on us… the future

Love is pleasant
And a blessing from God
You can not choose who to love
But it is a choice
It comes as a deep feeling
Though can not be seen
But proven by actions

So, choose love wisely,
Do not rush into love
You may end up falling in love
For the wrong reasons
If something is meant to be
It will happen at the right time
With the right person
And for the best reasons

Let love be enjoyed not forced
Love should create great memories
Act crazy if you have to
Yes, there will be thunderstorms
But love conquers all

Love is only understood by the heart
If the feeling is mutual then let it be