Oh Africa, my nation
Covered in smoke
Covered in blood
The innocent young souls
They tremble and fall.

A nation of beauty and warmth
Now turned grey with smoke
A nation of laughter and peace
Now filled with blood and tears.

Africa, my nation.
Which was once a land of milk and honey
But now has turned into Sodom and Gomorrah.

Oh, Africa
My black continent
Gather yourself and fight
Fight for your eternal and internal freedom
Youngsters of Africa, Arise

Arise black child of the South!
Stand up and fight
Fight with all your strength
Fight with all your heart
Arise, African child.

Arise like the youth of the past
Arise with all you’ve got
Let your voice be your weapon to fight
Let your intelligence be your shield
Your strength be your axe
Arise black child
Black child of the South

Black child your conscience is calling
Arise, your time has come
Stand up for what is right
In this not so free generation of ours
Arise black child of the South.