I’ve never been the dear diary type
Never believed in destroying daises to determine that someone loves me
I‘ve really never laughed out loud
Only because of thinking of someone

I would lough at life and still wonder
How well we would have been if you stood by me through it all
Yet again a thought came out
With a saying “Apho amanzi ebekhe ama khona aphinda ame,”
And that gives me a little hope that someday
We will be happy again… just like the old times

I’ve always believed in modelling
Yet your presence made me believe in writing
That’s when I decided to stay writing
Because loving you has shown me the beauty of my heart
That’s when I started to realise that I had beauty on all sides
In and out

Av always loved you
Never thought of when I will let you go
Not that I have now
In every memory
And every look at your face
It’s one of the greatest moments I’ve ever had
I never thought that love could find me again, but it has
Am proud to say that I STILL LOVE YOU

Hoping that one day u would realise that
And be the kind of man my heart desires
Nxinxi is what you used to call me
What changed?

This poem is dedicated to Bongani ‘Botho’,
I really loved him and that hasn’t changed
Despite the fact that he tore my heart apart
But that hasn’t stopped me from loving him