I am alone.

Alone with myself
Nobody knows where I stay, except me
My mind travels far into a trance
Perching on a vague arena of tranquil
An eerie feeling of a god
Shadows and voices
Camping in the other eye

I ignite with a powerful force
What seems unknown but known to me
I will vanish like a caged bird
And fly without wings
Through the great city of cloud
The flight, an awesome bliss,
Throwing up my feet across the stormy breeze

I will not stumble nor fall,
For my power comes like a whirlwind,
With great control of pace
Soars up higher with your mind
And fears not the dark cloud of hindrance

I went towards heaven’s gate,
A massive house of gold, glowing with a halo
Emerging were two great titans in white,
Taller than any tree in the world
Their eyes, in all corners of their head

My lips went blanch,
And I quench like a conflagration
And into my empty house I went
I look up
Lo, I was on earth.