All I ever wanted was to let you stand by my side.
Watch you grow physically and emotionally.
It was a sloppy and tiresome road, but
I held you tight and prayed to never let you slide.
In the darkest of all paths,
you were my daybreak,
my light, you took away all the gloominess.

Knowing that you loved me brought joy and steadiness to my heart.

With you, I could stand tall and face all my demons, fight and win every battle.

You were my inspiration, my heart desire who fed my soul with what it longed for and desired.
You owned the entire cadastre of my heart.
You made me laugh and cry, we had our fair share of sad moments, yet you loved me still.

Gratitude was and is still all that I got to give to you.
Like day changes tonight, you changed overnight.
You became my foe over one mistake.

Your hatred grew stronger than the pillars that Samson broke.
The hatred tore my heart into shreds like threads.

You never thought twice about forgiving my imbecility and lack of morals.
I failed to control the surge of lust.
I knew I was supposed to feast with my eyes,
yet I ignored that and fulfilled the urge.

I was selfish and stupid, forgot that I had already been struck by Cupid.
I loved you, you loved me and I let someone hold me tight.
Who was holding you throughout the night?
I neglected you, my body rejected you,
My mind ignored but my heart had you still.

It has you still.

You owned it then, now and forever you will still.