When I am gone,
Just know that I will be on top,
On top of the world,
I will be looking down at you,
Hoping to see you smiling,
Don’t feel sad that I am gone,
I won’t rest in peace
If you feel sad,
When you miss me,
Look at my son, just know
That you are looking at me,
Please don’t feel sad

When I am gone,
Don’t feel lonely,
I left you with memories,
Just rewind your mind,
Feel my presence next to you,
Don’t be afraid to move on,
Because life goes on,
But never forget

That I am still the father of your son,
When I am gone
I will visit you at night,
In shadows,
No one can see me
But only you can,
Never be afraid,
Don’t ever call me a ghost,
I am just living in a different world,
Now you won’t understand,
But one day we will be together again,
That’s when you will understand