Remember when we hung around
Paid daily visits to the park
Had our legs smothered with dust
Because we played one to five o’clock
Our faces kissed the ground
So we were left to look like clowns with a powdered nose
We did not mind that
The perks of being children is a play ground

Remember when we would play upuca with ambition
As if somehow we would get publicity for embracing the indigenous game
One time we said your dog could sing
I think back to that day you became my unqualified doctor
Used your grandmother’s plants to cure a wound on my knee
We have had extravagant moments
Sweet and rough hymns to sing

Well Anza
My star
It would torture me to find you absent in my galaxy
It would sadden me to find your light dimmed
Now heed me
Through everything
Through everything
I will stand by you
When everyone seems to condescend you
When the world has swallowed you,
Throwing you to oceans where the waves show no leniency
I will stand by you

I will stand by you
When your soul feels hallow
When metallic blades have bruised you to the bone
Scattering and lacking to comprehend your reasons to weep

I will stand by you
When the mirror gives you a blur reflection
Telling you lies
I will stand by you
When the barbaric seem to contaminate you with pessimistic sentiments
I’ll stand by you
When your tongue has lost its articulation
When the winds of Zwide have spoiled your serenity

The bright future ahead
The untold story you need to turn to reality
Remember your dreams

You will find my footprints along your side