If only letting go,
was as easy as holding on.
I’d erase your memory from my mind
and chase away the thought of you

If I could, I’d trick my mind.
The times we spent together
would be nothing but a forgotten past.
Buried and mentioned no more

But each time I close my eyes,
your beauty is all that comes
I hear your voice through deafening sounds
and see your face in the midst of crowds

My heart refuses to let go
Your scent is in all I touch
even though you’re gone
your presence still lingers

The touch of your soft fingers remains
It tickles me still
The taste of your lips remain
awakening me from my deepest sleep

If I could, I wouldn’t try to call
Or find myself at your door
Each day I miss you so dearly
I’d close my eyes and allow your memory to fade

But your memory refuses to leave me
and in every girl I see you
If only I had the same strength to let you go
as I had in holding on to your memory