My heart is broken my mind is confused
I am drowning in the sea of emotions.
Love is the only emotion I hate
For it comes like a desperate stillness of the night
To cause havoc and pain and leave hearts in broken pieces.

Love betrayed me, love left me stranded at the altar of promises
Full of hatred and confusion.
I found myself moving and dancing with the devil,
Asking questions with no answers.

How do I move forward?
How do I fight this devil in me?
These emotions drowning out my sunshine with endless clouds of sorrow.
This dark cloud hangs over my head messing with my thoughts.
I fight my mind with movements captured on a screen.

Oh God save me, I cry, scream in silence, begging, pleading.
I want to come back from this darkness cast by this cruel sun.
Though your stillness was tense I knew in my heart it was not rejection.
Like dust still I rise from the ashes of defeat and despair.

You may shoot me down with your words
But like the sun still I rise for God’s love is my strength.
God is my tranquil stillness, my significant inspiration.
Still I rise
Mzi the poet.