The seed of my heart
The love of thy soul today,
Tomorrow and forever
I want to keep you to myself
To thy empty heart and sow thy seed
To grow the love into my heart
I cannot begin to find happiness
Where the seed I sowed does not grow

This empty heart that is in me
It needs love, peace and harmony
And only you can provide
I seek not thy ocean of love nor what thou can provide
Yet thy heart that can love and give all the love to this heart
I am lost in the wonderlove of what it feels like to be loved

How does it feel to love?
I cannot begin to comprehend
What I will be without a heart that is loved
Without the peace that will calm my anxiety
I need your love your comfort
Unfortunately for me I don’t know where I can find you
I hear far from me the rays of love yet I cannot see where they are
I go up the mountains I walk through thy valleys yet
All I find is an empty heart that is lost in wonderlove