Times have changed
From good to bad
Times have changed
With this country becoming sad
No respect
Nor rules
For others

Learners challenging authority
Educationists changing the policies
Yesteryear had rules
Yesteryear had no place for fools
People were aware of the consequences
And people at that time took no nonsense

We are living in a challenging society
A changing society
With many a protest about
Clouding the authority around

I wonder whether there will ever be
Peace in this country
I wonder whether there will ever be
Stability for the child on the street
Are we doomed to a life of misery?
Should we be prisoners in this tribal sea?
Are we going to be stuck forever
In this prison dream?
Where life is like wind easily passed on
By various forms and entities.

Yes times have changed
And life not so great
Uncertain destiny
Uncertain future
And fate for you and me

I fear for the children with dreams
That their dreams will flow down
The cascading streams
Into smithereens

Times have changed
Right out of the gates

God help us through this demonic mess
God help us through these trials and tests
God restore peace in this country
God obliterate all evil and its rivalry
God gives us strength to carry on
Even though our hearts want to settle down
God keep us strong
So that we can fight the social evils
And end all sorrow
That will keep us from seeing tomorrow
This I plead of Thee
To set us all free…