As I live here on earth
I try my best to do everything for you
To accept me for who I am
Just because I was raised from a poor family,
It doesn’t mean that I cannot shower your heart
With everything you need
Just because I have never seen any car
Right from my mother’s womb
With my naked eyes,
That doesn’t mean that I cannot love you
Just because I sleep on a floor that is cold
Like a deep freezer
That doesn’t mean that I cannot provide you
With a bed of love
You don’t have to compare me with other people
Who are flexing with their riches in their mansions,
For my love is original

Ever since I was in my mother’s womb
I had a crush on you like no other person
Even though I am not half the size of your ex-lover,
Still accept me for who I am
Even though we may have some differences,
Still, I will try very hard to match our puzzle of love
To look the same like the heart
Even though I grew up chasing my dreams in poverty,
Still, accept my love for it is original,
I know how living without a jacket is like.