Daily I scribble words on these pages.
Voyaging my own inhabited mind, in search of a piece well suited for you.
Knowing it would never really define you.
But close enough is tolerable for me.

So I stress on how I will puzzle my adjectives and verbs.
How I will structure my stanzas and lines.
If it will be the typical “you swept me off my feet” type of poem,
Or the, “you make my heart skip a beat” type of poem.

You’re the kind of girl that dries up a poet’s cup of thoughts.
The kind of girl that aches my heart yet does not kill me.
The kind of girl that makes a poet feel as if they have a limited number of words to use.
The kind of girl I would write a poem for.

Because your eyes flicker like the closest sun.
Your voice chirps like the smallest bird.
Your grace roars like the infinite ocean.