Spent four decades slaving away
Spent four decades paving youngsters’ fates
Then all of a sudden
And in a flash
I was betrayed
By my once-favorite cats
They treated me like shit
The bloody rats

I never knew in my heart of hearts
That people could be so cruel
I felt like a fool
Treated like nothing more than a tool
Even my loyal betrothed friends
Turned on me
And booted me in the rear end

All to get to the top
Is that what it takes you filthy lot?

Yet I have plans of my own
And each one will be dethroned
Like a whirlwind
Of Kristallnacht sheer
Each one will be beheaded
Like in King Lear

Gunned down
In a zone
Gunned down
In a hole

That’s for what you did to me
You bloody assholes
You’ll soon see your fate
As I stare and watch from outside the gate…