Trapped in her eyes
Born to liberty
Justice and freedom
All I ever see
Is the sparkle in her eyes.

Trapped right in her eyes
Sincere joy and honest desires
Craving beauty selectively held into the body of desire
All I see are her eyes

Trapped within
My voice has become mute
All I can see are her eyes

Marching down
The rough scales
Caught between what’s real
And what is REAL

Tears have become the build-up structure
To my mere existence
Trapped in her eyes
With no voice to speak out
Honestly trapped but with no hope of escaping

What the eye of men sees
It beholds
But what my eye has seen
Has captured it.

Trapped in her eyes,
Royalty seizing the bars
With hopes that someday things will be better.

The heartache of being imprisoned behind scorching boundaries
Yet without a voice to speak up
Fading right up her face
Slowly walking out of existence
Trapped in the chains of her eyes
Boundaries of the bars of her heart.