Yes I am
I almost missed the penalty
That would have given us victory,
I missed out life lived
I ran remorse after 365 days
Not believing she is really gone,
I spent 3599 seconds trying to
Convince my heart hearted her.
She’ll tell me shit like and not even
Care about this guy,

I will tell myself that she’ll come
Around but those words came
Round on rounding my entire life,
I will feel a bit down, like a loser
Yeah I am that loser.
I gave up the nice talk over her,
That’s where she started to realise,
She’ll call and I will ignore ,:that
Ate the whole of her and i’ll act like
I didn’t care while I did.

I’d sit down building my thoughts but the
Phone rang only to find out that
Rebecca is admitted in one of the
Well-known hospital,and she did not
Make it to life.

Well my eyes started to have
Blood and the rain rains in my face and
Asking myself questions that
Will never ever get the answers.
A loser lost hope to life