The road to loving yourself is
Never an easy journey.
But trust me, it is possible.

We often hear, “You have to
Love yourself before loving
Anybody else.” In my opinion,
The saying is false because a lot
Of people get into relationships
Without understanding the meaning of “love.”

Frankly, what is love? What is
Your definition of love? How can
You describe love? Yes, love can be
Shown in different ways but what
Is the meaning of it.

Not long ago, I wrote an article titled
“Self-Love” I had written how a person
Has to be comfortable in their own skin.
Few hours later, a comment came in.
It read as,

“How can I be comfortable
In my own skin. I mean after all, I am
An albino. People just see a pink person”
After the comment. I sat and thoughts ran
Through my mind. Accepting and loving
Yourself is the first step to Self- Love.

You can be an albino, Indian, white or black.
You are beautiful in your own way.
God created you the way you are for a reason.
You are perfect for your purpose.
Remember, there is someone out there
Who would love to be you.
Someone who is crazy about you.

Never look down on yourself.
You are beautiful as you are.
Please, love yourself.
You are Worthy, Special and Extraordinary.
Till next time.
With Love,
Miso Madela