Judge me no more,
Mistakes are meant to be learned from
No matter how hard I try, I’ll remain a human
To err is my right, to learn is my fight
So let me be and judge me no more.

Judge me no more
Didn’t you hear, “Judge not that ye be not judged?”
Don’t get stuck on how many times I’ve fallen
But open your eyes on how many times I’ve to awaken
Which will help you to judge me no more

Judge me no more
This world is cold and needs someone to hold
“Waste not your time, this world you can’t comfort”
Words like these only make me stronger
Yes, the day will come when you’ll judge me no more.

Hope you won’t judge me anymore
My time with you is but over and done
I’m strong, the battle which I fight I know I’ve won
Pray you’ll understand to judge isn’t yours
And learn to judge me no more.

Judge me no more
Not by my skin, my tongue, race or religion
For they make me no different from who you are
Not even my looks, gender neither my status
We all are strangers and soon will be no more.

Let human remain human
Set me free, let me go, for I need to grow
And judge me no more.