The voluminous season among the others,
a magical overwhelming benediction.
The phenomenal.
The pioneer of rejuvenating rivers
over the desert land surrounded by the jungles.
The arising of dead land from sorrows to spring.
“The ultimate symbol of strength and renewal
is regenerated again, obtaining new life by arising
from the ashes of its predecessor
associated with the sun”

Brightness comes from the light,
where the flowers bloom.
It shines where it gives the butterflies blossom
to wean their wings, it is where the birds call home.
It is the home of peace, the home of joy
it is in spring.
The calmness from the atmosphere
the breeze over the land, the humidity,
the moisture calls it spring.

Yes, it’s spring!
The looming of winter and its coldness
in the dark is defeated.
The spring temperatures cruise up
like an athlete towards the finishing line.
Meets the spring and it’s the cross to bear
to the bright side of the spring.

The most important thing to living stock,
the feeding, the drinking, all that is in spring day.
Where the sky splits from limping darkness of winter
to whistling sunny day of spring:
the only nature engineers itself for nature to adapt,
the only season to unlock our potentials.

We call it spring because it refreshes us,
enlightens us when we are looking
at those birds and butterflies spreading their wings,
singing with joy, healing their souls…
It’s spring,
it’s where the plants, flowers and fruits
start to give their best.
Bees over the blooms suck
the pollen to make honeybees,
pollinators carrying pollen to flowers
and plants to fertilise them.

Green moisture trees and grass waves heavy
and so amusingly,
water channels pass through tributaries
via dams to rivers with a pitching sound like a baritone.
Birds in the sky singing with joy
because the spring has arrived,
the spring is in the air…