Alone in a room I find myself smiling,
Like a madwoman talking to myself.
Thoughts of him overwhelming
And overflowing in my mind,
Thinking to myself:
He is the reason I am happy.
My heart beating so fast,
I find myself fighting to catch my breath.
He’s a kind of a dream
That I don’t want to wake up from.
He is the reason I believe in love.

Pain and misery brought by love
Disappeared in his presence.
I always kept my heart to myself
And promised myself
I would never allow anyone to steal it again.
But like a thief you stole it, right under my nose.
You are the reason I believe in love.

Tried to stop myself from falling,
But the harder I tried the deeper I fell.
Looking at myself through his eyes I saw a Queen.
As he made it his duty
To ensure that I do not forget
That I am his royalty.
Every time he said: “I love you”
It was like hearing it for the first time.
He is the reason I believe in love.

At some point I did lie to myself
Thinking I was in love,
But little did I know
That love knows no pain or lies.
Then it hit me that day I met you
And I met love.
See, Angeles knows no sin,
If this was heaven then
You would be an Angel.
You are love, and love is you.
You are the reason I believe in love again