I am a woman who
Chose to be undefined
But despised and

A woman who’s handmade
Unafraid to express herself
A woman who managed to
Defeat and stand tall
Against all arduous

A woman who managed to
Withdraw the illiteracy
Mentality that her tormentors
Had implemented.

I am boldly powerful
On humble occasions I
Have been panegyrised for my
Sadly, on petrifying occasions
I have been beaten, silenced
But still undefeated.

A woman who chose not to
Be paraphrased by her
Beauteous, fine and
Delightful looks.

But to be elucidated
By her brave, considerate
And heartfelt heart.

A woman who has a
Dream of a prodigious
Moreover a woman who
Acknowledges the
The beauty
That exists individually.