I came without your invitation
I came when you were busy living your lives
I love you more if you don’t want to wash your hands
I came to destroy you and kill your future
And that of future leaders

I love those who don’t obey lockdown rules
I came with evil intentions
I came with more implications
I love those who don’t want to listen
I am a killer disease so deadly that I’m well spoken
I love spreading and moving around
I love those who don’t practise good hygiene
I love those who don’t want to cover their mouth when they cough
I make headlines like no celebrities ever made
I make headlines all over the world they worship me
I am in control I make rules as I go and change rules
I rule kings and queens
I choose who I want, I do what I want, when I want,
And I always get what I want

I have a choice and you do not have a choice but to fear me
Run away for your life
Run until you feel like crawling
Run, there is no vaccine for me
I came like fire, they thought they could fire me
I am hired and I accept the job I must serve
I attack everyone despite their colour or skin
So, listen
I hate those who wash their hands
I hate those who stay indoors and curb my spread
I hate those who practise good hygiene
As I will not eat their kidneys and lungs