Handsome, sweet, strong, and loving, he looks.
He sounds very caring and passionate.
Sexy eyes and yummy lips. A body every lady longs for.
Hunky and tender he looks. A father and a husband.

He says he loves me, but he is married.
They are not fighting, they look happy,
But he says he wants me! How?
Am I throwing myself into the fire?
A very deep end? I donโ€™t know
He sounds legit, like he means it.
He says he thinks about me all the time.
Maybe he does.
How is he going to be with me? I keep wondering.
Am I falling too deep for him? Maybe he wants sex.
He says he does not, he says he is looking for something real.
But how? He is married and still staying with her.
The truth is, Iโ€™m fooling myself.
How can I be falling head over heels for a married man?
Must be crazy. Even told my parents I have found someone.
Iโ€™m just giving them false hope. It is bad, canโ€™t even claim him.
Good thing though.
All this is making me forget about someone I loved deeply.
MAYBE, it will work.