Death so painful
Death so unpredictable
It never warns
Never prepares

One minute of smile
One minute of life
One minute of joy
One minute, only a minute

It takes only a second
A second to just lie there
A second to lie there breathless
A second to lie there lifeless
Only a second

A chance you never get
A chance to say goodbye
Your soul rests
You smile when you reach
Reach your destination

What about those left?
Left weeping
Weeping over a breathless body
Weeping over memories
Weeping over regrets
Weeping for more time
More time with you
Weeping, doing nothing but weeping

Yet, you are where you are
Among Angels
You are where you are
At peace
You are where you are
With no pains

While you left with no goodbye
The thought that
We will never see you again
Kills even more
More than seeing your body
Your lifeless body lying there

We can but heal
Because death
Death is unpredictable