The lights have to fade
Be wise, use your head
Don’t lay yourself on any bed
Because that’s how death is bred.

I am drowned in poverty
And my heart aches
To see you drifting away from me
Will you ever come back?

Money can buy a husband
But can it ever buy love
I want you to be happy Linda
That’s why my thoughts linger

Why should I put your happiness
Before my own
I am stuck in helplessness
Money does not grow
And cannot be plucked like mangoes

Why are you drifting to a far-away range?
Everything you are doing is strange
I cannot become rich overnight
You want me to do what’s not right?

A thief, I am not
I’m just a child of my single parent
Who even fails to pay rent
Is this what you call truly loving?

What I always feared has now happened
I cannot wander and get lost just to please you

If you please, call me a great fool
Before you vanish from my life
Let me tell you, not to forget paying your tithe
And bend your knees to the Lord

I’m not asking you to change your mind
Maybe our destinations weren’t meant to mingle
And now, I’m back to single
Please, Linda, take care
But if you need me, I’ll be there