Him (Thendo):
How could I not fall in love with you,
Your sweet tongue
Tickled my ears, each word uttered
Moulded the key to my heart,
And so…

I fell in love with you faster than
I could say my name.

Her (DD) :
You are the first person to whom
I’d like to pour out my day’s darkest moments
You are the last person
I’d like to hear from before falling asleep…

You are my dream.

Him (Thendo):
I should have had an instinct then,
You were the one my parents warned me about,
But such instincts are easily blinded by love.

Her (DD) :
I told myself that
Loving you was my only way
Out of this miserable life,
The only chance I had of finding joy

Him (Thendo):
Today my heart suffers
The heartaches of your bitter lies.
I should have known they were poison.

Her (DD) :
I lied to protect us
You are as guilty as I.
Had you known how to love me
You wouldn’t have been hurt by untold stories.