At least I got some
(out First River-way
in the curiously-named
hamlet of Beverly Park)

other people don’t
even get

So says Sylvia Farmer
mother of Valencia
she 14 years old then

stabbed throat slit
raped murdered

(what came first
what does it matter)

At least I got some
the last of the accused
now put away

She can sleep at night now
tense for a long time
but now can breathe
(she thanks the community
and women’s groups)

Murder most foul
500,000 rapes a year
in the Rainbow Nation

Where justice
and victims wait
for some

Murder most foul
Justice most foul (too)

“Murder most foul” and “I’m happy justice has been served, says Valencia’s mom” (Argus, February 3 2016). See “Legal eagles set to clash” (Weekend Argus, Feb 7 2016), over the vexing question of transformation (in the Western Cape colony). British writer Agatha Christie wrote Murder Most Foul (in 1964).