I try to heal,
I try to brew zeal,
Although this luggage is heavy,
I wish someone could hear my cry,
Tears of mine are a burden,
I fall asleep with weakness,
Sadness of mine is daily,
Life of mine ain’t going fairly,

If I was a flower,
I’d wait for pollination,
Pain wouldn’t be my irrigation,
I wouldn’t cry in my sleep,
Smile of mine is deep,
Faith of mine is buried,
I’m a lost cub,
I’m forbidden,
I can’t face my teardrop,
I come to confess,

I’m overcrowded by fear,
I thought hope was my dear,
I’m the jailed son of the soil,
If I could fly,
I’d catch my freedom,
I’d rewrite my consequences,
My way would be my haven,
My destination falls from heaven.