You took away our freedom.
Go bloma le majita, le di catch-up sessions
Tsa bo ous’ Gloria le ous’ Mavis ka 6 am
Talking about the Khumalos who think
They’re better than everyone else.
All of that, gone.
You kept us locked down from dawn till dusk and dusk till dawn.
Keeping us from walking the streets of beautiful Mzansi Africa.
Africa Borwa. Murhandziwa wa mina.
You delay us, the young futures of this country
From making the most out of a blessing
Our mothers and fathers gave their lives for.
You stop us from breaking our curse of struggle
And giving our families a life worth more.
You push the underprivileged further under privileges
That would have made them stable.
You keep young pusha, pressa, phanda, ‘preneurs
From their daily hustles that put bread on the table.

You took our ability to embrace those we treasured
And subdued us to a ‘togetherness’ that had two meters measured…
To stop us from doing things that kept us 26 years surviving.
Sure, there wasn’t complete harmony.
We had our ups and downs but at least we kept
A level-head and endured all 26-rounds.
Even when our ignorance gave us its hardest blow and pound.
We said, “We are the rainbow nation and we refuse to stay on the ground!”
You saw our resilience and what did you do?
You killed our brothers and sisters one by one.
Your thirst grew and you greedily took us off by the thousands day by day.
Like a dictator you brought death upon those who didn’t do things your way.
Stay indoors! Cover your mouths!
Stay away from each other! Do this or you die!

Well to that, this is what I have to say, COVID-19

We will sound the call to come together
And united we shall stand
We will live and strive for freedom
In South Africa our land!

So let me sound that call and call unto you my fellow South Africans,
Bo my-friend, bo ma se kind, bo boerman le bo darkie.
South Africans assemble!
Let’s show this virus that they don’t call us DIE-HARDS for nothing.