I love you young lady
I am in love with the person God is molding me into
When I search for someone to love,
I just look straight to the mirror,
Yes that’s the love of my life

Loving yourself means killing the “what people will say”
Run away from all the negativity, it’s toxic
Love yourself that much
Be careful of your associations
For a bad company corrupt a good character
Love yourself that much

The less you expect from people
The less disappointments you’ll get
Loving yourself starts with you knowing
Who you are and what you are capable of
By so doing, you won’t need to try fit in
To other people’s lives

If you love yourself you won’t be dirty
If you love yourself you won’t be discouraged by anyone
Loving yourself is your strength
If you love and know what love is then
You won’t struggle trying to find love, instead love will find you
Look after yourself and mind your own business

How can you love someone else without loving you first
How can you seek attention from someone
If you can’t pay attention to yourself
How can you say people don’t care about you
Yet you don’t care for yourself either
This starts with you

Do to others what you would like them do to you
That is loving you
Have time for yourself before you have for others
This is about within
How can you testify about something you don’t know
Run away from those who drain your spirit
Love yourself that much
Loving yourself is respecting other people
Loving yourself is not to hate others
Love you!!