I will question your question because I am insane.
Answer your answers because I am a mad dog.
Say it again and again I am listening.
Pitch up born again, I am here again.

Why I have to be born again.
How water will birth me again.
Tell me the secret of water I am listening again.
The bond threw water to Jesus Christ again.

Scream blood and heal the nation again.
How will blood heal and save me again.
How will blood make a covenant again.
Please tell me the secret in a blood.

Born again uses these elements again and again.
Evil people also uses these elements again and again.
Help me my fellows South Africans, I am confused again.
Big churches heal through water.

I just don’t want to be healed like that.
Give me the truth because I also want to go to water.
Baptized time is knocking on the door.
Feeling fear of your secretive things again.

You are confusing me people.
I saw you bow to water.
Bowing to the snakes as the Queen or King of water.

I have seen that kind of a snake.
Blowing in and out water.
Yet it shows its power of controlling water.
Though one shall not bow to anything or anyone but GOD.

I have seen you slaughtering cows,
Chickens and human beings too.
As you call it covenant.
How GODLY are those actions?