Friends who glare and gloat
About their glamour that glows
More than glitter itself.

Friends who find pleasure in your
Pressure without noticing that they
Are adding more pressure and you will
Never find pleasure.

Friends who act like they care
When you’re still there, then curse
When you turn.

Friends who stand by you through
Good times, then stand behind
You through bad times.

Friends who always sing they care
But always leave when you cry.

Friends who smile to your face
While their hearts wish you
Would die.

Friends who ride your car
Then compliment the one
That passes by.

Friends who compliment your
Make-up but see fit to point
Out how much the outfit doesn’t

Friends that show sympathy in
Their faces while humming it serves
You right in their hearts.

Friends who acknowledge every
Mistake you make and keep it in
Mind to remind you until it doesn’t
Hurt any more.

Friends who send you cards
To get well soon, while pointing out
Your outfits that’ll suit them
When you’re gone.

Friends who you show
Your wound to, act like they’re
Woeful, while poking it with
Wood. Acting like sheep while
You know they are wolves.

These friends never cease to amaze me
You know why?