Some say we come from Adam and Eve
Some say we come from baboons
That transitioned into human beings
Who do I believe?
Who do you believe?

People believe in different Gods: Jesus, Allah, etc.…
But does that mean there are a lot of heavens?
Is there really a heaven? And if so, is there also a hell?
“Only God knows” but is there a God
Or is he just a figment of our imagination?

Some say when we die we go to heaven
Some say when we die we join our ancestors
Are ancestors real or are they also a figment
Of our own imagination?
If ancestors aren’t real then why do people get a “calling”?
If ancestors aren’t real then who do the sangomas talk to
When they throw their bones?
And how do they know all the things they know
About us and why do the “cleansing” ceremonies seem to help?

They say that hell is somewhere beneath us
But all that is beneath us is the Earth’s core
And not the kingdom of fire
They say that heaven is up in the sky and that
God is looking down on us, but beyond the sky is space
And beyond space is the galaxy
So heaven is up in space and all our dead family members
Have taken the form of a star?
Or are they just floating around up there?
Thousands of questions but no answers

So if someone claimed to be “God’s child”
And his mother was impregnated by the “Holy Spirit”
Would you believe him?
Who says that God is a man and not a woman?
What do we know about God and his prophecy
Besides what we’ve read and watched?
Do you believe in God?
Do I believe in God?