Have u ever been an addict?
Or crave something that you know
Not everyone is willing to give,
And choked on words to consume them
Into seeing your cravings

As more than just a childish impure want?
Have you ever felt the distance of being high?
On a substance that most would find stupid?
Have you ever been misunderstood, marked as crazy,
Titled unstable or paranoid by people you trust
And all your world seems to cave in.

For they think they know your situation
While they see the surface of you pain?
An addiction that eats your flesh and make
You forget your insanity and pure reasoning for life?
Have you been an addict of a mixture you don’t even know?
I am an addict! I am an addict! I’m an addict to pain,
And false emotions not by my choosing but am an addict of tears.