You have caused destruction and havoc upon the earth
Now we live in fear, your presence here on earth has
Eradicated our lives. Do you enjoy seeing people suffering?
People are not allowed to do what they could do before

What has happened to our beautiful spacious land?
It has turned into the worst nightmare
That one could ever have thought would happen
Hearts are broken, people lose their loved ones every single day
Today, people, they don’t have any topics to share
They are talking about the pandemic,
On the TVs we are hearing about coronavirus only,
On the radios we are hearing about the coronavirus
In town we hear about coronavirus

What have we done to deserve this?
You arrived and filled us with seeds of death and symptoms
We have become your slaves completely because you rule here on earth
You caused a misfortunate fate that leaves people in sorrow
Africa, let us unite against this spirit that must be defeated
By a spirit, the Creator of heaven and earth
I’m talking about the most high GOD
Don’t you think so?