One Morning
Awakened by the birds singing songs to heal broken souls
Making up for last night’s faults
A broken smile appeared upon her face
It was there to reassure that this was just a phase.

He knew that this was not true.
He knew this from the garden of his art that would never lie.
Hidden agendas are the reason people die.
To prevent this, her face was showered with her internal pain and anger,

He had to bury worries in the precious garden of his art,
A wound in his crucial body part,
Bound to be torn apart,
Affected by dangerous indomitable changes,
Life runs in different spaces.

Escaping was the plan.
Although he was still a minor,
He had to be a man,
To face his demons that are more bitter than lemons.
All he could ever do was to bury her in his arms

And deep down her crucial body part,
She knew that what he meant was that,
It’s all going to be okay one day…
But, to this day,
The bleeding has not ceased.