The battle lines have been drawn
A war is brewing
No, it is in full swing!
Planet Earth versus COVID-19 – survival of the fittest.

Our troops of soldiers have been deployed
Yes, they trudge through the mud of disease-riddled hospitals
They proudly wear their armour of protection,
Against their merciless nemesis.
They march forth

Civilians, oh civilians!
History is repeating itself,
I face-palm.
Propaganda and stigma are spreading like wildfire
In the bushveld in winter
“Corona is for the rich travellers”

But remember!
Our opponent is lethal.
Our opponent has proven so far to be invincible,
Light on his feet,
Quick on his steps,
And strong in his attacks.
Do not let him claim your life.

Heed the call of your leaders,
For it is my plea also.
We are at war!
We must stand together in solidarity –
Victory is within our grasp.