I am not perfect,
there are many mistakes
I’ve made in my life,
though they say it’s not a mistake to make a mistake,
it is only a mistake to repeat a mistake.
I have caused many heartbreaks in my life,
but I promise I don’t want to live that life again.
I don’t want to live a life of regretting,
I want to live normal life.
They say people won’t change who you are,
but you can change yourself.
I need someone who can support me
while I change my life.
I know you are one of the people
I disappointed and I’m sorry.
Please can you find peace
in your heart to forgive me?
They say we can forgive but we can’t forget.
I know I have wronged you.
This is why I’m writing this poem,
so that you can see how I regret
what I’ve done to you.
I know that I’m not perfect,
I’m the last person you want to hear from
but I’m asking you to do me a favour.
All I need from you is forgiveness
and another chance
to show you that I’ve changed.