I promised to be there,
to be there when you need me.
I promised to be your best buddy,
I promised you to be your diary.

You were such a wonderful soul,
a fresh rose
with smile on your face.
Nobody ever realised your pain.

You cried, I wasn’t there to hear you.
You screamed, I was too busy to hear you.
You sought help but I was too far to help.
I failed you as a friend and as a lover.

You were turning twenty-one,
maturing into a woman.
But the enemy came across your mind,
the pain was too deep to handle.

You cried but you said
they were tears of joy,
I said I wished you positive change.
I didn’t mean the change
of losing you forever.
I still don’t understand
but hopefully I will.

In the morning we were smiling,
rejoicing with you, happy with you.
But when the sun set we were crying.
You left us with many questions
without any answers.

Lala ngoXolo sthandwa sam’,
in my heart you will always be alive.