I recall your manifestations in our land
That by then sounded as sweet as honey
Dislodging from a beehive.
Women, therefore, had no alternative
But to sing and dance unto your speechless speech.
As for the youths, they never hesitated
To paint themselves in black and blue
Hoping they had found one trusted leader.

“No one will die of hunger,” you promised.
Little did we know we were letting a chameleon
Climb up high on the people’s scaffold.

“Universities will be built under my reign,” you assured us.
Never did we think of your capabilities
As extending only to laying foundation stones.

“Nyasaland is undergoing a limping economy,” you defended yourself.
To our ears’ astonishment they heard of cash gate
Again they had swallowed the news of maize gate.

We now have a clear view of your true colours.
Satisfying your personal ego is the good that is in you.
Now stop fooling Nyasaland!
All you horns of greed.