Laughter, joy…joy bliss.
Rules while sadness was missed.
Two minutes three minutes? Oh for heaven’s sake
Exactly within 306 seconds I couldn’t remember the present
Feels like it was kidnapped
Flash damn! What just happened?

The past took over.
It took over and swallowed away six hearts.
Hearts sculpted, painted, or maybe should I say
Dipped in pure pain.
Saw tears that I thought didn’t exist.

Hearts roughly bleeding.
I mean I couldn’t see it.
But I could definitely deeply feel it.
Is this how powerful words can be?
See they created a chain of tears.
A chain of pain!

You know that
“I cried because I couldn’t bear seeing you cry”
“I cried even more when I realised that I made you cry”
“I cry because you cry, you cry because I caused the pain.
The pain I thought of as building you.”

Now suddenly just suddenly I feel this heavy weight.
What have we become?
How do we heal when a stack of pain continues to build in our hearts?
Smile and the whole world will smile back at you.

See that over there, yes that, that ain’t true!
This is ‘smile and let the whole world walk all over you’
kind of thing you know.
How do you then get to crave the future?
How?! How?!
The present disappeared
The past is too heavy to lift off
The future is horrific!
How how?! Tell me.

Give us the sky keys.
I saw how bright it is during the day and
How stars make it shine during the night.
Maybe in that way hope will finally be restored.
Within a blink we were lost.
Within a blink we shall be found.