An old woman satisfied and content with life
Places her bag on the doorstep
She puts down her head looking for her keys
As if looking down upon a movie replaying her life
As she enters the house
With every step letting go of the weight she carries
Carefully placing the luggage on the couch
With each placement
Feels as if dropping all the emotions
How everything falls into place
Resembling every piece of the puzzle in her life
The embarrassment from all her mistakes
The sadness from the short-lived experiences
Putting down the unfulfilled hopes and dreams
The satisfaction from the love from her family
The pride of her daughter’s growth
Immediately remembering the loud cries and little footsteps of her grandchildren
The anger from the death of her husband
The fond memories and promises made to each
His dancing and calmness of his voice
She let’s go of the final luggage
Her life
As she lays down
Letting go off her last breath
At peace
At ease
At last.