Sak af

Sak af
I get to hear
in an overfull
Hanover Park taxi

overfull in times
of normality
as we know it

overfull in times
of abnormality
as we know it

We pass cops
checking vehicles
on the other side

Sak af
Get down

(these are my
politest translations)

The driver is masked
in these abnormal times
and he wiped his taxi down

yet both he and his assistant
puffed away merrily
before our journey

Is it economics
over his health
and those sardined
with him

Is this the everyday
we have to deal with
even post COVID-19

Later there is a conversation
on an English radio station
about government messaging
and Educational Drives

(are there any parallels
with HIV-AIDS campaigning
from that age of denialism)

Does everyone just

Sak af

The early afternoon of Lockdown Day 6 it is, with Mark Heywood just on SAFM radio.