It is dawn again,
The sun at its peak has risen,
The sky is red,
My stomach is black,
It groans so scarily, demanding food.
For the past three evenings,
I’ve been fasting.

I don’t know if it will work today,
For there is nothing left
in those dusty bins.
Neither a dry bone
to satisfy my stubborn stomach,
Nor a portion of dry bread
to satisfy my appetite.

Your sons beg for a Jeep,
Ferrari, Lamborghini & Bugatti.
Your daughters beg for expensive clothes and fancy foods.
But in your hands,
I can’t find even a pair of panties
To cover my nakedness.
You see me struggling with life,
But decide to turn your backs on me.

Darkness hunts,
The weather goes cold.
Streets are silent,
So I go to sleep.
My bed is always cold
And sometimes wet.
There is nothing I can do.
I just pray:
Dear father, don’t let it rain tonight.