It drips and drips…
The Rain washes away my pain and all my aches.

The Rain falls
And teaches me how to dance,
How to sing.

Rain reigns on Earth
Yet it feels like Heaven.
I am sure all of these raindrops
Are touches of angels and of God
Taking away my restlessness
And leaving me with only peace.

Rain reigns and I am left rejuvenated
I feel like a new person
As the rain washes away all of my anger and irritation
Leaving me with only peace and calmness.

The rain reigns
And I am cleansed
Because the rain is a cleanser
Who ever thought rain couldn’t be a symbol?

It’s peace
And it is purity
And it is clarity
And it is new beginnings
And it is learning to dance
And Rain is a sign that God Reigns.

It’s shaping me up
And it’s destroying the fires
Because all that is unnecessary shall be removed.

Can you count all the raindrops?
No you can’t
Just like you can’t count the stars
Nor God’s unending love.
If a dog loves unconditionally
Can you imagine how much more God loves us?
The Rain Reigns
And I am reborn.
For I am not a phoenix
Reborn in ashes
Rather I am a child of God
Reborn in raindrops.
The Rain leaves me breathless
And also hateless
Rain continues to Reign…