But when you sip pink drinks
on a chilly Sunday afternoon.
When your lips dance to its sweetness
how I wish I could be so sweet too …
to make you dance for me.
Your tongue twists the truth
and it curses lies
yet you still revert to a web of lies.
But tell me sweety
do you know your killing me?

When the cold air brushes past your nose
and when you see my eyes drown,
being taken for a fool.
Doesn’t it provoke your conscience?
Baby does my body tell you anything?
Baby you love my tears don’t you?
This is not just a rough patch baby
you’re a daredevil and your freaking me out!
Driving me insane
and pushing me into a dark hole.
(I can’t do without you).

Talk to me … I know you’re sober.
Now be honest … don’t fool me.
Hello please answer it’s me,
I see you through the windows of the bar.
Sweety it’s me again hello …
Hi … okay I’ll hold.