I’m having a break,
everything is at ease,
chewing on grapes,
trying to mind my own business.
Every thought I come to grips with flees.
I make contact with my feeling instinctively.
Now I know I have fallen in love instantly.

She’s not my type
because she drinks and she smokes.
The fact that we have a lot
in common is giving me hopes.
Up …
Like pouring water on a duck’s back,
I might be out of luck.
Relationships won’t change,
whether you give love or spend a buck.

I boast on credit,
yet I haven’t done any real work.
If I’m credited while I procrastinate,
that means I’m artistically in arears.
Above all I express to impress
and my room is in a mess.
I’m so lazy, sitting around doing nothing
from nine am to twelve o’clock.
So afraid to face my fears, I hide in tears.

I cannot give in to this
artist that lives in me.
I skip practice, the need to express myself
is congested in me.
Without a steady income,
I can’t see my future clearly.
Daydreaming about winning the lottery,
my heart fills with happiness
I close my eyes
as I nap peacefully.

I’m out on lunch, taking a break
from all the stress that life has.
I mustn’t forget I’m growing old,
my childhood days will pass.