I’ve learnt that we don’t need to define what we are.
Especially when it’s Right.

People who want to label their relationships
Are desperate for validation of who they are.
Especially when it’s built on lies.

Just know that you’re always in my heart.
Whether you’re near or far.
You’re reflected on my mind even when out of sight.
I love you more than you’ve yet realised.

We’re not as public as is expected of us,
And you need to trust me that it’s not what I would like either.

In the past, I’ve always talked about there being someone,
And when it fails to work out,
I feel I was always being judged.

Am I supposed to keep a person around,
Even when I’m not loved?
Even when it’s not enough?
So I’m quiet.

I want something bigger now.
Thus I’m very protective of us.

Though I’m very tempted to give a glimpse to others.
The inside, and what we’re all about.

To share with everyone what we’ve done so far.
The mountain that we’ve climbed.
The passion that we’ve kept alive.

Through the ups and downs,
We’re still connecting as one.
We’re still committed to what’s ‘undefined’.

We broke up and reconnected after 9 months.
I was keeping count.

It’s a long time, to be apart,
And I now understand and forgive the things
That were done in that time.
And though we never spoke once,
When we came back, I never felt like we were never apart.

This was love, that much was obvious—though nothing else was.

Nothing is as it seems from the start.
But from day one,
We’ve always just been taking it,
“One Day At A Time.”